Welltech CO2 scrubber comes with different capacity for different application.

  • LCD touch screen Programmable control
  • Controller with fix mounting or remote mounting
  • Different filtering method
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Easy Operation




  • Model: CS-300 , 300L [can absorb 300L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-800 , 800L [can absorb 800L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-1000 , 1000L [can absorb 1000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-2000 , 2000L [can absorb 2000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • Model: CS-5000 , 5000L [can absorb 5000L CO2 before regeneration]
  • custom design for larger chamber or more athletics usage




Model CS300 CS800 CS1000 CS2000 CS5000
before regen
300L 800L 1000L 2000L 5000L
Air flow rate 110m3/h 110m3/h 110m3/h 200m3/h 500m3/h
Power supply 220-240V single phase 220Vac single phase or 3 phase 380V to 415Vac
Regeneration time 2-4 hours